Albania, fake news about MEK beating up British journalist

On Saturday, Albanian media reported a news that a well-known British journalist by the name Lindsey Hilsum with hear team were beaten outside of Iranian Mojahedin camp in Manze. The news rapidly was covered in some of Albanian websites. Mojahedin refuted this news and said: “The claims that that the reporter is beaten are sheer lies. The first person who falsely claimed that the reporter is beaten by the MEK was Massoud Khodabandeh, the Iranian intelligence agent.”

Based on tweets with this journalist, Linsey Hilsum refuted that she was beaten.

M. V. of Report TV in a tweet mentions his story about this issue and writes:

My exclusive story how Lindsey Hilsum of channel 4 news was beaten up outside Iranian MEK camp in Albania. 

Lindsey Hilsum replies this tweet and writes:

I was not beaten up.

So it becomes clear that the story about beating a British journalist was fake news. Now question is who made this fake news, was the source of this fake news in Albania or as Mojahedin have said the source is the agents of Iran’s ministry of Intelligence.



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